Now I understand You weak bloke Pretending of words   I stupid before You disgust me Your stench wretched   You delight you I delight me You worthy not   You shall see The pain give I too thee   Not I want You deserve such Someone must serve   I shall seve The unfaithful... Continue Reading →

Frank Sinatra Interview

Hello all, I came across this interview Frank Sinatra did with Playboy and thought it quite understanding. He knew the World better then, than our politicians do now. Anyhow thought I'd share. Here's the link.


If you die I will not care I will read about it probably because no one close you have brought to me If you die who will tell me when I discover I might feel jarred for a minute then normal I go you were never that important at all Entertainment we were drip  

Human power

The only aid agency you can trust in is yourself.   A human at rest can produce 100 watts of energy. We can power up a lightbulb. We have the ability to change reality. We are powerful and we must use it. Let's do it. Forget about the agencies, let us each, do in our... Continue Reading →

Who Am I?

Sometimes I wonder why I am the way I am But I suppose water doesn’t wonder why it is the way it is I suppose air doesn't wonder why it is the way it is They are the most beautiful versions of themselves and with that help billions. And so I suppose it is time... Continue Reading →

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