The sweetest thing

A million miles I could travel A million people I could meet But no hug could be more sweet than yours end stop until the end of time now end stop It is a Ok now end stop

The Human Creation of Timmy

He wasn’t quite sure what to do next. His little sister was crying, his mother was lying on the floor with her eyes rolling in and out of her sockets. And there was a man at the door yelling, “Open up you dirty bimbo,” the voice said. Timmy didn’t know what a bimbo was but... Continue Reading →

We see all

An anger surges through me But it should not be so The dull evilness of horrid people Should not make ıt so I want to believe people are all lovely They are not They throw stones for not a reason Beyond their dirty soul How to pass thıs I wonder We are all chıldren of... Continue Reading →

Feral child

You think I do not know. I know everything. Yes, my picture exists in those documentaries and internet profiles. I am a feral child you say. I am more human than you are I say. Thank the nature that I escaped your clasp. How does a feral child know these terms? Just become I am... Continue Reading →


Now I understand You weak bloke Pretending of words   I stupid before You disgust me Your stench wretched   You delight you I delight me You worthy not   You shall see The pain give I too thee   Not I want You deserve such Someone must serve   I shall seve The unfaithful... Continue Reading →

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