Forever Nevever

You said you say you love me like this liken ever before then why I am I alone right now magic exists in us so i forgive your forgetfullness and I hope you forgive when i forget you It is night now I love this time of day 3 a.m. … it is love loss,... Continue Reading →

A moment in exist

Oh you I love you No one knows me like you do I try  to fight it But No one makes me happier Stronger Better Than you It isn’t forever That’s what makes me sad But nothing is forever So I suppose we should be Ok with that The comfort The soul The acceptance Of... Continue Reading →

24 hours

May 21, 2019 I certainly am a bottle full of joy aren’t I.   May 20, 2019 Think You will die No more of you And regardless of what your religion says You don’t really know. There is comfort in stupidity.

Goodness save me

Stutter you Sweet does Kind heart Unlike others Now I should not bother with people unlike you world hatred thought I sunshine kindness in you forever I am obliged to have neared with you forever it is not forever it is also what we have got is magic sphere forever I am sure in all... Continue Reading →

The Meaningless of Weekend

Should the weekend be different than the weekdays? Why? There are seven days of the week and on each of those days we do something, some of those things make us happy, some of them don't. Who programmed us to believe that Saturday and Sunday were our days off? Why does 'days off' mean for... Continue Reading →

Why do you work?

What is work first of all? It is laboring at a cause that you don't care about so you can earn points in the Earth system. These points allow you to purchase things. So usually the points you recieve go back into the pockets of those who gave them to you - not directly By... Continue Reading →

Breaking is a real thing

He was my first everything and then he turned into a monster I have not been the same   Sweet soft whispers Loving embrace face Waist hold all days   And then he died cause the drugs caught him inside I tried   I can't forgive myself for letting a beautiful human die in the... Continue Reading →

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