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Do better than that Beyonce video

Beyonce's apeshit video is lovely in unto itself. But basically. We see her creating a comparative to existing great works of the caucasian kind. In the big picture, these types of videos just create a baseline of  what is great. And with her video she has indicated what is great and what you must live... Continue Reading →

The time of my life

You know what, the 80's knew it. I cannot function in today's climate of showing your body parts to find love. Yes there is an element of sexuality, but there is also there is an element of knowningness - of knowing the person - the human inside of that body. I look forward to having... Continue Reading →

Great Way to Get Into Meditation

Hey all,   So meditation isn't some weird hippie-science, it is totally applicable to our everyday lives. Basically, meditation helps you give your brain a rest and it absolutely deserves it. And this meditative time can help you relax and create. So, to be honest, the first time I tried it, I couldn't focus for... Continue Reading →

Loyalty does not exist

It is interesting how quickly the Kate Spade brand managers tried to separate themselves from their namesake Kate Spade after her death. The brand issued a statement giving their condolences - but pointed out that that the creator had not been a part of the company for many years. They were worried about the effect... Continue Reading →

The Moon Moons

So I was thinking ... The moon delivers his job day in and day out. The moom moons. So we as individuals we must do what we are designed to do. For example ... my name is Joti, and I should Joti to my utmost abilities. Like a moon moons A joti should joti -... Continue Reading →

Bang Bang

Bang Bang   You are a thing That bangs inside Bang bang   But what thıng Highs you bring To Lows you lure   Everything high with you Everything low without you Bang Bang   Tell I my brain Forget it Remember it   Love it Hate it Bang Bang   Finish I am nowhere... Continue Reading →

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