Feral child

You think I do not know. I know everything. Yes, my picture exists in those documentaries and internet profiles. I am a feral child you say. I am more human than you are I say. Thank the nature that I escaped your clasp. How does a feral child know these terms? Just become I am... Continue Reading →


Now I understand You weak bloke Pretending of words   I stupid before You disgust me Your stench wretched   You delight you I delight me You worthy not   You shall see The pain give I too thee   Not I want You deserve such Someone must serve   I shall seve The unfaithful... Continue Reading →


If you die I will not care I will read about it probably because no one close you have brought to me If you die who will tell me when I discover I might feel jarred for a minute then normal I go you were never that important at all Entertainment we were drip  

Human power

The only aid agency you can trust in is yourself.   A human at rest can produce 100 watts of energy. We can power up a lightbulb. We have the ability to change reality. We are powerful and we must use it. Let's do it. Forget about the agencies, let us each, do in our... Continue Reading →

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