Love you stranger

What’s that thing

You called me

A dirty what

Love you stranger


Oh racist hurt

Heaved under my skirt

Sorry for you

Love you stranger


It’s ok, it’s not your fault

Group think has unbridled your art

Let me help your parts

Love you stranger


First I must slap you

To wake you

Then smile at your stupidity

Love you stranger


Eyes flitter

Wake darling

I’m here to rescue your uppity

Love you stranger


Look at me

I have two eyes a nose a mouth

So do you, we aren’t so different after all

Love you stranger


Yes my color

A pigment darling

Mean not of soul or human

Love you stranger


Come to my home for dinner

Sit with me and my colors

You shall forget your hate

Love you stranger


In this floating planet

Let us love one another

We only have each other

Color notice is just pain

Created by benefitting others

So we can’t love each other

And only evil will gain

Love you stranger

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