The other place

I once fell down a magical hole

It was delightful

I thought the place you would like to know


In this place

Sat happy colorful people

Atop red mushrooms with polka dots


They asked why Earth was angry

I said because people they work aplenty

Doing what makes them mute and unhappy


Why do they do said they

I said must they

They said it is silly aplenty


I shrugged shoulders

And said may join you me

They said come darling there is plenty to see


Skies were clean and birds aplenty

Koalas touched toes with smiling owls

I sat down feeling empty


You can stay forever they said

But thought I share to earth

The message of their peace I had read


It sat on their walls

It was a beautiful thing

I wanted to sing it but write it be


Beautiful ones it addressed

Let us become ourselves and then some

Let us give for our happy and take for their benefit come


Let us imagine and explore

Create  divine good more above more

Those againt us shall abhor the justice of a kind people


With love and grace

Signed yours

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