Ploughshares said no

Hey guys,


So I just got a rejection letter from Ploughshares. Really, I thought the piece was good, but I guess in hindsight it could’ve been better.

Nonetheless … celebrations of rejection floating in things that might help you write clever.


Anybody got remedies for rejections… fun ones though… i already know the evil ones 🙂


  1. Aeryn Rudel

    I think the best remedy for rejection is to send the story out again right away. The story wasn’t a good fit for this editor, but the next one might love it. That’s how this business works. I’ve rarely published a story that wasn’t rejected a few times, or, you know, 17 times. 😉

    Hang in there, and happy writing.

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    1. Joti Lit

      Thanks so much Aeryn! You are right.

      Although sometimes you do start to wonder if you are dillusional about the quality of your writing and that perhaps that gold star on your 3rd grade essay was not in fact a direct sign from the heavans telling you that you are meant to be a writer 🙂

      Realy thanks though! I am rejuvenated!

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      1. Joti Lit

        ahhh writing would be no fun at all if there wasn’t debilitating self-doubt, anxiety and that lovely nauceous feeling you get after you hit send. Thanks for confirming it shall never end – much appreciated.

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