via Daily Prompt: Mushroom

I hope one day to live in a house surrounded by red mushrooms with white polka dots.

My house however, must be a brown mushroom, a sweeping top with two windows in the front upstairs floors and two windows in the back.

The main floor of my mushroom house should have one window in the fron and another in the back. This mushroom house sits in winter so we burn fires in it’s crevices, but not too big a fire, we should not want to burn our mushroom house down.

We shouldn’t want to burn the mushroom house not only for us, but for the fairy mushroom people that live in the crevices. They adore mushrooms more than you and I could even fathom.

For in our fairy mushroom people, mushroom is their dad, like god, and so to hurt our mushroom would mean to hurt all fairy people and their beliefs. In our human life we must realize mushrooms are our connection to the fairy lands.

When we see a mushroom, we should know there is life within it, of the fairy kind, and for that we shall always love our mushrooms and the people they protect inside. We must.

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