Beginning and end


Wıthout you I shall die

What should I do?

Shall I wait



Mind change you must

Ok mind change you will

We sat today

We spoke

You were happy

We laughed

Brilliant you

It’s been three days

I wrote lovely time I had

It has been a week

Why did you look at me so

Not necessary when you pass time

Why interrupt you

Existence mine

Oh you called today

How lovely

You said tonight but I waited

Oh work

Got it

Thanks so much breakfast was so beautiful

Our walk near the rocks, dancing silly

Loved it, see you soon

Ummm, it has been a week

Ok, maybe you are busy

But a message is quite easy

It has been two weeks

Why did you kiss me with passion

It has been three weeks

And really it is not a new story

I can’t understand people and life and things

I am done

Bridges fall I over

Matters not to you

Peace found I

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