Dopamine if you pleae

It has been a week of – am I wrong? Why did I do this?

I had a solid job and then I went twinkle toes on everything.

After a week of this – today I received a new rejection for a flash fiction story I was in love with.

And then thanks to a talk I listened to by Seth Godin on Impact Theory – I just thought – ok – this sucks – but this is the better alternative because I am choosing to be rejected on my own.

I am building my own castle. It is harder to build your own castle than being a constructor of someone else’s plan for their castle.


New plan – I am printing the rejection out, framing it. And am going to love it. Because I will not allow a rejection to tell me that I can’t do what I am.

So this is exciting. Any of you trying and trying and trying to create the world you wannt. Keep going. It is easy to be a part of the system. It is hard to create your own system, and if it was easy everyone would have their own system.

So just keep moving forward in your land, forget about changing lanes to the lane that you think is faster or better. As in traffic, as in life, you think the other lane is faster and you get on it and you see people whizzing by you.

Frame your rejections so you can throw a party in front of them later.

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