Women encouraged to toxin themselves

Have you ever thought about why men are beautiful without makeup and women are encouraged to wear makeup to be beautiful?

Women are gorgeous as are men – naturally. But it is women that are encouraged to paint their faces – people are a hella rich because of painting-women’s-faces-to-look-like-their-healthy industry. Women live at least 10 years longer than their male counterparts while smearing their skin membrane with toxins in makeup.

This idea came to me today as I removed the nail polish from my fingernails. I thought about the fact that I am putting a paint thinner on my body and letting all those chemicals seep in. After I use the paint thinner to remove the paint, I will apply a new paint – chemical – that I shall allow to seep into my body.

And in the morning, I smeared a thing called foundation on my face, I have never researched what’s in it, but just thought it will smooth out the look of my skin and make me feel pretty. Foundation is a combination of chemicals, as are lipstick, eyeshadow, blush, powder, eyebrow pencils and all the stuff associated with makeup. And we just paint ourselves with it for a toxin homecoming everyday. Ugghhh.

We’ve got a problem folks.

I am going to research this.

In the meantime, If we are healthy, there is no need for makeup and contouring our faces into something else. If we want to have the best face, we just need to live right, eat right, sleep right and stop giving money to these toxin manufactuerers to help us pretend we are healthy with our painted faces.

Do you as you want

But really we are sticking toxins on our skin membrane and allowing them to seep into our body – do you – but like – let’s investigate further. If we are all addicted to makeup – then maybe manufacturers need to find a natural, organic solution instead of selling us chemicals for our bodies.

Do you – all day long – everyday.

But let’s look into this further.

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