Great Way to Get Into Meditation

Hey all,


So meditation isn’t some weird hippie-science, it is totally applicable to our everyday lives.

Basically, meditation helps you give your brain a rest and it absolutely deserves it. And this meditative time can help you relax and create.

So, to be honest, the first time I tried it, I couldn’t focus for more than 5 seconds, but after I was able to focus for 5 minutes, I felt the greatest release. I felt relaxed and my brain seemed to be on board with my thoughts and planned actions.

So this is what I did to get there:

Hot shower

I breathed in and out and focused on the breathing, nothing else. When my thoughts wanted to traverse elsewhere I  brought them back. I breathed in and out and focused only on that action. The water hit my back, the water was steamy – all of that was great – but the important thing was to focus on breathing and clearing the mind.

Try it.

You will feel rejuvenated.

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