We see all

An anger surges through me

But it should not be so

The dull evilness of horrid people

Should not make ıt so

I want to believe people are all lovely

They are not

They throw stones for not a reason

Beyond their dirty soul

How to pass thıs I wonder

We are all chıldren of God

Then I realıze some have move beyond

They are just the shards of magic by Lord

Let their ugly not win

Let their pity not shine

Smile in their face of the power of divine

We must not dishearten

Beauty, love, kindness shall prevail

As we shroud these dark bodies in a veil

So they have no sun

And the die a delightful bite

While we thank the grateful rise of glorious sun and soft joy of moon rising

Love and beauty and kindness shall prevail

We can, we must, we delete

In magic and supremeness to the wonderment we must hail…


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