Entanglement is a Bad Precedent

These days many young people rely on celebrities to guide their path – unfortunately. And that is often due to the idea that since these folks have lots of money, they know it all.

Will Smith and his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith recently discussed infidelity in their relationship. And they ended it off with a high-five to a bad marriage.

ASIDE Jada also called the extramarital affair an entanglement – which has everyone now using the word to indicate relationship. The word actually means a barrier made up of barbed wire to capture – or a complicated situation.

Why they want to continue a bad marriage is nothing anyone else can understand, but the message they are sending is horrid.

Their message tells everyone – especially young, impressionable people that it is ok to stay in a relationship that does not make you happy.

Because people look to celebrities for guidance – maybe because they do not have anyone in their own lives to talk to – that is a stamp saying that loveless relationships are ok.

They are not.

Folks with big platforms to share their words should be far more responsible. If they are not able to communicate with one another, they should not be communicating to the world that a bad marriage is a happy high-five kind of way to live.

For sure, millions watched their terrible communique – and they will all be affected in their relationships moving forward.

If you have the ability to communicate with millions of young people – you should not encourage them to follow in your negative footsteps.


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