230 Million Farmers Are Striking In India

Some 230 million farmers and workers have shut down the roads in India. Western media is not talking about it. Which is a clear indication that media in the west is not designed to impart critical news. It is fashion news.

Yes, that number that you look at sounds like perhaps it was an accident. That perhaps, it was 25,000. But no, that is the actual number of farmers striking in India.

This is the biggest strike in history and not many folks outside of India are talking about it? Could it be that they won’t farmers around the world to be emboldened?

What is the problem?

The Indian government hastily passed 3 bills that would allow the big money corporations in India to get in on the agricultural trade.

So, they’ve got telecommunications and energy that have made them billionaires already. But they have decided that farming should also be their game. So they can suck humanity dry.

One would think that once you’re in billionaire status, there would be no need to rape the poor. But apparently not.

Prior to the bills being introduced, no one could hoard essentials like wheat. This meant farmers could sell them at relavitely decent prices.

Modi’s bill allows his cronies to buy up and hoard essential grains. Which in the short-term will give money to farmers. And in the long-term will short change them so they cannot even afford their own land.

And when they can’t afford their land, guess who is going to come swooping in. The billionaires.

Protesting farmers have blocked off main roads into Delhi and have been sleeping on those roads since October. Due to frigid temperatures some protesters have succumbed to death. However, young or old, no one is willing to return back to their lands.

“We’d rather die by bullets here, then die a slow death on our farms said,” said Satnnam Singh, a farmer in India, in an interview with Vice news.

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