Spinach Smoothie with Orange

Did you know that spinach comes in a male form and a female form? You can’t really tell which one is which, unless you’re the one growing the plant. And since there is a male form and a female form, you need both to create a new spinach plant.

So how does that happen?

The wind comes them a helping hand.

In the summer, male spinach plants grow a stamen that has the pollen required to fertilize the female plant. So when the wind blows, the pollen should ideally land on the female spinach plant, and that should be the beginning of a spinach baby.

So as you sip on your spinach smoothie, just know that a whole lot had to happen before you were able to slurp the smoothie goodnes.

So before we get into the smoothie, you should know all the nutrients you’re going to be getting from this smoothie.

1 Cup of Raw Spinach Nutrients

Calories – 7

Fat – 0

Protein 1 gram

Vitamin A 0.8 mg

Vitamin C 8 mg

Iron 0.8 mg

Calcium 30 mg

So as you can see, 1 cup of raw spinach is low in calories but if you want to get the full benefit of iron and Vitamin C, you need to have more than a cup of it.

However, remember that ifyou steam a cup of spinach, you end up with barely a tablespoon. So if you add a cup of steamed and cooled spinach to your smoothie, you’re going to be multiplying your nutrient level by about 6.

Studies have also shown that by steaming your spinach, you are able to absorb more of the nutrients. That’s because spinach contains something called oxalic acid that can negatively affect vitamin absorption. But when you steam your spinach, you get rid of a lot of that acid.

So we’re going to use steamed spinach in the recipe and add orange juice for a nice kick of Vitamin C.

Spinach Smoothie with Orange – Serves 1


1/2 cup spinach, steamed, cooled

1/2 cup orange juice

1/2 banana

1/4 cup ice

1 tsp flaxseed (for omega 3)


  1. Combine in a blender and mix until smooth.
  2. You can add agave nectar or honey if you absolutely need to, but really the orange and banana make it sweet enough so it isn’t necessary.

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