Short Story Joti Heir

The End Of Regular People Pt2

My phone alarm went off, it was legal time to walk out by the shore. That used to be my favorite thing to do, but now we could only do it between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m everyday. Sometimes I had class at that time. Like today. But, it was a boring class with a teacher that didn’t care. He sent notes to everyone after so it didn’t matter.

I got my coat on, grabbed my keys and headed outside.

There weren’t many people out, which was good for me, but kind of psychotic for humanity. It was the only time we could walk by the water and yet of the 3 million people that lived within walking distance, there were but a dozen that crossed my path.

So now we had enough for the rent, but we still had to pay utilities and eat. I wondered what I could possibly do. You had to be a chef to work in a restaurant, even the delivery guys were chefs who were working their way up to work in the kitchen. The only waiter jobs were in the expensive restaurants and so they required experience.

The only job you could get in the grocery store was in management so that was out. Maybe I could find a dog walking one too. Rich dog owners didn’t allow their dogs to be walked by the robots, they wanted someone that would humanly love the dog. I could humanly love people’s dogs.

Yes, that’s what I’d do, I’d find a dog walking job too. Maybe the Featherstones had some friends with dogs. Mom could ask about it. If she didn’t forget on the way to her job.  If she could even keep that job. In fact, I’d probably have to take over for her. She would try to wear her heels and pencil skirt in the snow and end up losing the dogs.

I’d have to warn her about that. She’d lived in Canada her whole life, but never seemed to understand that wearing heels in the snow was a silly thing. Although she never had to actually walk more than from her car and into the bank with her heels before. Yes, I’d have to explain to her that doing that while walking dogs just wouldn’t work.

We landed in the Northwest Territories at 4 p.m., but it was already dark. A bus picked us up at the airport and dropped us off in front of a short apartment building. Mom, Meeps and I were assigned apartment 10. 

The walls and the floor of the apartment were a sterile white. There were three bedrooms and each of them had a bed and nightstand. The livingroom had a couch, coffee table and television. Everything was in shades of yellowish-brown. The kitchen had a refrigerator, stove, microwave and dishes and a yellowish brown kitchen table. 

It was better than I had expected. We had been given vouchers for groceries so I told Mom I’d go out and get some. I went to the store, they had the same black robots with yellow eyes working here too.

I wondered where Dean and his family would end up. Hopefully their apartment would be close to ours. I needed to talk to him. We could for sure come up with a plan to get us back to our city. 

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