3 Ways To Say Hello September

Maybe the feeling is linked to those butterflies you used to get before school started, but there is something super exciting and magical about September. It seems full of possibilities and the beginning of all sorts of adventures. September asks to be used as your beginning of something new.

You could learn a new language, take up fencing or another sport, start a new business, put together a play with your besties, start a book club, make a new fall routine, it could be anything. Anything that gets you excited and shows the September Gods some appreciation. Let’s find out how September got its name and then we’ll get into 3 ways to truly show September some respect and honor the fall ‘New Year’

The Roman Roots of September

How did September get its name?

Well, let’s rewind to early Roman times before the use of the Julian calendar (the one in use today). The Roman calendar had 10 months with the months beginning in March. The seventh month was then September which comes from the latin ‘septum’ which means seventh. So not a particularly romantic story, but one of function.

One intersting thing about the Roman calendar was that it seemed to just skip January and February. People living in the cold parts of the northern hemisphere can attest to the fact that those two months do become a bit of a blur as their spent indoors as the snow, wind and cold take over the outside. Maybe the repetitive days indoors led the Romans to skip those months and just keep the ‘actionable’ months on record.

Get into the old-worldly September spirit with an old-fashioned notebook. Img: Blake Cheek

Write Your September in an Old-fashioned notebook

There is something about an old-fashioned hard-cover notebook that evokes the essence of autumn. Perhaps its the rich colors, the woodsy patters and the crisp way you open up the hard cover of a gilded notebook. Get an old-fashioned gilded notebook for the next four months and write down what the ‘Autumn You’ is going to be all about.

What is your fall vibe? What are the things you absolutely have to do this fall that you can’t do any other season? Maybe sit on bales of straw with a hot coffee as you watch the sun go down? Maybe sign up for a booth at one of the many fall fairs that pop up during this time and sell something you create – we all create stuff but sometime we just don’t think about selling/sharing it with others.

Maybe promise yourself you’re absolutely going to do one fun fall thing every week and write all about it in your gilded notebook! This month and season deserve to be celebrated and remembered. And you can only celebrate and remember if you do some special things that become pops of color in your memory.

Take a September adventure Img: Bakr Magrabi

Take a September Trip to autumn

September isn’t just about nature going to rest, it’s also a time for crisp, clean fall air and a chance to refresh yourself. If you live in a busy city, it’s the perfect time to go on a countryside adventure in your region. Head somewhere you can see the leaves changing color or harvest happening or just head out for a slow, relaxing September weekend in a small town that’s got one main street and lots of outdoorsy things you can do.

Septembers are for walks to remember.
September walks are remembered walks. Img:
Cristina Gottardi

Make September a Walk To Remember

What better way to appreciate September then to go right into it. The weather is usually running at mid-tempo, the air seems clean and fresh and a good walk does everybody good. Walk to that little cafe you’ve never been to and enjoy a hot bevvie. Walk to your local library and pic up a book. Walk in your local greenspace. Walk to nowhere and think about all the goodness. You’ll remember your September walks because they’ll give you a feeling that no other month can.

Cool weather, fresh air, snuggly clothes, hot beverages, exciting fall days to look forward to. September perfection.

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