I Woke Up In Paris And Understood

I know there are many tropes related to Paris. I should find the love of my life, I should become stylish, I should be skinny and chic. Personally, the people I have met from France are not that different from people in my home country of Canada.

But what was interesting to me was that although there are so many notions about the country and city, I didn’t feel a thing upon viewing it. That is because I had no personal experience with Paris – I only had a manufactured magazine experience. And those magazines did not speak to me so I did not feel anything by being there.

However, I know that if I spend one or two or three months in the city, I will have a story that is associated with it and then I will care.

The same goes for human beings. If people don’t get a story about you, they cannot relate to you. So people relationships are the same as city, country relationships. Spend more time, get to know, relate and feel connected. When we travel, we are essentially going to new galaxies – I know we call them countries and continents, but it is the same as traveling out of this world.

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