sociopaths thrive on your warmth, be cold.

Narcissitic People Cannot Succeed In COLD Environments

Eliminate Narcissistic people in your life by being cold. Why do all of the hot countries in the world have the most insect populations? It is because insects are cold-blooded and need an outer environment that is warm to multiply and flourish in. Narcissistic people have cold blood tendencies. They require warm individuals.

This applies to humans by way of science.

Cold-blooded humans thrive on warm individuals to thrive. In a cold environment they disappear. They need a warm individual to connect to in order to thrive. If you are in a situation where a cold and calculating person is affecting you, you must become cold and uninviting like the arctic to remove them from your life.

Warm Life

A warm life is one of love and understanding, insects and cold-blooded humans gravitate to this to become stronger and multiply. If you need to eliminate a cold-blooded human from your life, become cold. They will understand that you can no longer utilized for their proliferization and disappear.

Cold Life

Arctic life allows only the strong to live. On the most part they are independent and surviving on their own abilities. You can be a warm welcome but not a necessity as in the warm environments.

Life Emulates Nature

Be warm to those that you want to bring close and be cold that you want to deter.

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