Authority figures don't know everything

Do Authority Figures Know What is Best?

I volunteered at a youth counselling organization while in university. We would usually have a meet up for volunteers once a week. At one of the meet ups, the chief – I don’t know if she was a psychiatrist or psychologist – asked all the volunteers to tell us about how we deal with our various roles in life and day-to-day stresses.

When it came to my turn, I told her that I just block out time for each individual thing and try not to let the other things affect each activity/time. She told me that it was a bad way to handle things. So, of course, after that I went home and tried to figure out why I was doing things in a wrong way and how to fix them.

I watched a talk with Jeff Bezos, he says he compartmentalizes the different parts of his life. He is the richest man on earth at the date of my writing this so clearly he has an idea of how to figure out timing in his life.

So, if something is working for you, don’t let someone, even if they are a figure of authority, tell you it is wrong.

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