The Search For Home Requires Travel

Imagine you’re a child, and you dream of far off distant places and crave for a Willy Wonka factory existence. As you get older those thoughts go by the wayside in favor of the grind. That’s because you believe your childhood thoughts were fantasies and utilitarian life is what is real. That’s likely because the social engineering project called education did a good job.

So how do you set yourself free and go back to being a kid that imagines, creates and does? Well, first off, it takes a leap of faith on your end to believe that the possibility is true. That there is a life you can live that is beautiful and happy 7 days a week, not just on the weekend. Once you believe that, you yourself will start making changes. You can’t make the changes until you believe it to be true.

And, oh my, what a wonderful world will be opened to you. You will no longer be an ant in the parade. Why would you have been born to dedicate your life to sweating it out for other beings who are created just like you? It makes no sense. Bring the child back, hear what it wants and go to work. Go to work for your inner child as if you have a child that you desperately want to be happy and taken care of.

This requires you to travel away from what you’ve always been to find the new of you that you’ve always wanted to have. First, leap of faith, imagination to where you want to go, visually travel there, and like magic within a few months you’ll be there.

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