The Great Resignation

Covid has taught people that they can survive without 9-5 jobs and that has resulted in the great resignation. People scrambled in the March, April, and Mays of 2020 when their workplaces shutdown. They didn’t know what was next, and people got creative. Their creativity has led to a boom in independent business creation as well as off-grid exploration.

No More Using People

Business owners looking for cogs in their wheels are having a harder time. Former cogs are finding wealth in their own abilities to generate wealth. So what’s next? Jobs that can be relegated to machines like the check-out person in a grocery store or other kinds of stores will become obsolete. Factory workers will likely fall into the same category.

Who wins? The success of the people who have strong neurons in their brains that help them find solutions. Who are those people? They can be literally anyone. It is anyone’s game now. Sure, coming from a lot of money can give you a lot of money. But these days coming from a desire to win can give you more.

And money isn’t the end and be all. It is what it can do for you. If you choose to use your wealth to purchase things that do not appreciate like clothes, shoes and expensive evening habits, then, you will return to the money status you came from. On the flip side, this is a great time for entrepreneurs.

We Were Created To Create

The big God created us and gave us the ability to create. so the crucial thing is that you have to create. What do you create with? You create with the talents you were gifted with.

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