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Your About/Our Story page can oftentimes be the one final thing that a site visitor reads before they decide to work with you or bounce off your site. That means that the About page better be genuine, impactful, and have a story that the visitor can connect with. 

I have written and edited numerous pieces of content for clients including about pages as well as home pages, service pages, blogs, and more.  I conduct in-depth research for each new niche tackle including competitive analysis and SEO keyword research. 

For the most part, I will need to send you a brief to fill out after I have conducted my research in order to understand your individual story and business. After all of that, I will be able to create a page that speaks to your audience in a voice that they can relate to. 

Writing SAMPLE

Page Title 

Fibreglass Swimming Pools Direct About

Meta Description:

Get your own fibreglass inground pool at half the cost of traditionally built pools. Swimming Pools has a huge selection of backyard pools in all sizes and shapes.






Utilize customer first guidance principles to make high quality backyard pools accessible for all Australians.


Core Values


Customer First








Having a backyard pool doesn’t need to be a luxury but sometimes the exorbitant costs associated with it make it so. However, if you’re a DIYer, you can dramatically reduce the cost of a new backyard pool. It is with that idea that we drew up the concept for Swimming Pools Direct and our line of fibreglass inground pools.

The hardest and most expensive part of constructing an inground pool is the manufacturing of the pool itself. Swimming Pools Direct takes care of that part by prefabricating the pool for you. With the hard part done, you can focus on preparing your space for the new addition to your home. The Swimming Pools Direct customer service team is here to guide you every step of the way. 


Locally Owned, Locally Made


All of our fibreglass pools are made at our manufacturing facility in Victoria that operates in line with ISO 9001-2008 quality assurance accreditation. You can count on Australian-made products and when you purchase one of our fibreglass pools you will receive a construction certificate with a 30-year structural guarantee.


Quality and Affordability


Our prefabricated fibreglass pools have made pool ownership easier for thousands of Australians. And we’re hoping to help thousands more. If you’re handy or know some handy people, then installing a fibreglass pool yourself is a low-cost option that comes with high-quality results. 


Contact us for a free consultation.


End of Sample

About Page Includes

  • Organization Research
  • Up to 500 words
  • 5 researched SEO keywords
  • On-Page SEO

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