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How to Prepare for Healthy Hearing During the Holidays 

Enjoying the music, conversation, and laughter of loved ones is an important part of the holidays. If your hearing aids suddenly crash because your batteries have no more juice, it can wreak havoc on your festive spirit. So make sure to get your hearing aids checked.

When Do I Need New Batteries For My Hearing Aids?

How often you need to change your batteries depends on the type of hearing aid you have. It also depends on how much you use it, and the level of amplification. Bovaird Health Clinic can help you figure out when you need to change. 

How Bovaird Clinic is Helping With Your New Year

When you book your annual hearing test with Bovaird Health Clinic, we will provide a free check and cleaning of your hearing aid. Contact us for an appointment to get your hearing health on track for 2022.

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