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Arianna Grande is White and Painting Body to be of Color

She is a talented songtress, and the colored community has taken her on as their own. SHE IS A WHITE GIRL WHO USES SHIT TO TAN HER FACE AND BODY.

It is literally embarrasing that this girl gets so much support from people of color when she is not and just dyes her skin to make it look like so.

We have all experienced what it is like when you are a person of color getting judged. And you are letting someone whose  parents could take all your money be your golden child.

Stop it – she is not one of us – she is a product of executives earning big dollars. She is a white chick making money off of you.

Putting dead animals inside

The taste of  a freshly-grilled burger is so good. Add some bacon – so so good. But I have just been thinking about the toll it takes on our bodies to eat dead animals.

Essentially, we put into our bodies, the experience they had in their life. So if they lived in cages and couldn’t move, we put that into our bodies and that alters our DNA.

If they were abused or had diseases, we take in all of that too.

It tastes good – but is it worth it? Not to mention the pain that the endure – which we swallow and then let become part of our body.

This video illustrates what you are eating.

If we can’t help, we shouldn’t hurt as well


Why do you think God is such a loser?

Bow to my name

Chant my name

Remember my name

Why do you think a being that could create this world is just waiting for you to chant their name?

Someone such as wisdomatic as that –  a world engineer, why on earth would such person care about your remembering and chanting?

If you believe a great being created you than you should also believe such a great being  would not need you to spend your days forward sitting around chanting a name.

Yes, we can say if someone created you, they would hope you do something great. So being great is essential. Eliminating the vices in this world is essential.

That is the task.

Reading a book and bowing down to people in robes is not required.




Introvert And Empath Is Different

So these days, many of us are sitting around at home. And then there are the memes that say this is an introvert’s dream. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Introverts like to go out and smell the fresh air and wander – just without a chatty tongue in their ear.

Empaths like to go out and experience the same – but they actually inhale feelings of everyone around them. You can imagine how that could be quite a turn off to going outside.

I can literally feel your emotion and carry it on for hours. If I am in your presence and you are negative or positive, I can feel that within my being. And it doesn’t end at that. Being around you sticks inside my body – even into the dreams. If you are the wrong one, I am in trouble.

So introverts and empaths have a lot of the same feelings when it comes to being out and about. But for an empath it means eating it and taking it home and cooking it one’s brain for hours. It’s literally like you swallow what the other person is feeling and then chew on it.

Key – introverts and empaths alike – when you surround yourself with good energy you don’t feel drained, you feel uplifted. And then outside doesn’t seem like such a daunting thing. 

it is not enough

It is lovely when someone tells you it is enough.

They probably don’t know what enough is.

Enough means you wake up in the morning with a purpose.

This purpose should change the world.

It seems too much, but if it seems too much you are wrong for the job.

To change the world there is much to do.

eat sleep, regular things, change world is a different thing

Wake – you are the important people –