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Is Trump the President of the World

After learning that Donald Trump was losing in the US polls, I felt relieved. And then I wondered why I felt relieved. He’s not the head of Canada, why should I be relieved about election results in another country.

And interestingly enough, I’m sure I’m not alone. People around the globe have a lot of opinions about an election that shouldn’t directly affect them.

Beyond politics-stans not many people care about what is going on in the elections of India, Canada, South Africa and the other 192 lands.

However, in the case of Trump, it seems that a loss for Trump will cause a ripple of joy to was over the whole world.


Maybe it’s because his rhetoric in the past four years has not only made life bad for Americans, but for people worldwide.

Thanks to the fact that his hateful words can be transported across borders, he’s emboldened the racists, bigots, and natural-born idiots everywhere.

First – that’s too much power for one country and it’s head to have. But since America has the greatest media production machine in the world, it’s not surprising.

Either way – the whole world is waiting to see if the majority of Americans are sane or insane. This election is certainly going to be a great determiner of that.


But moving forward, is America our world president? Does it make the mood of the world? It certainly has for the past four years.