The broken

It is simple to call a person who shoots at innocent individuals a crazy case. The uncomplicated truth is there are thousands of individuals harboring the same desires because their life is hard.

Perhaps no one should be legally allowed to purchae a weapon before they are 30 = it is silly to equal gun-carrying age to drinking beer age. Utopian – ly – there shouldn’t be weapons but we can start somewhere at least.

And really – you can never tell when someone is going to blow – it is impossible to tell so you can’t blame anyone. But what you can do is ensure they don’t have the weapons to do it.

Broken people are capable of everything

Falcon Blast Off

here is a human trying to economically get us into space and there are others still trying us to kill and hate each other.

I just watched Falcon Heavy blast off ınto space and my faıth ın magıc and possıbılıty was ıncreased tımes ten. It is amazing that there is a human trying to economically get us into space and there are others still trying us to kill and hate each other.

Quite a juxtaposition.

And if only we could help the ones that want the best for humanity, and fire the selfish puppeteers that have the world on hold, a beautiful world and interplanetary human would emerge.

The billions of human-worked points would be used for stabilizing and giving our earth breath and helping us to populate the galaxy.

There has got to be a way to change world thought.

Shift in thought is shift in life.

Conggratulations to that SpaceX team who dreams big and does big.

They are not an isolated species, we all can dream big and do big, it’s the thought that counts.

There is quite a distance between me and rockets, but if one human can do it, so can we all.

We need a change.

Miami baby how you so upped up lately

You know when you got to the grocery store and that one person that buds in line in front of you and you want to scream and you don’t.

You know that person that drives on the emrgency lane and then honks at you and you want to poker their face but you don’t.

You know that person that elbows you on public transportation to get the seat that was yours cause you were the closest, but he is a cunt loser and  doesn’t understand propriety.

You know the women that begs to use the bathroom first cause her child has to go, but the child’s legs are near the door and you hear her violent waterfall. And you … what I will say will be rude so I won’t say it, but you can think of this kind of selfish women and millions of them exist unfortunately.

You know that snooty woman who says she only eats caviar, and then she’s smoking Justin under the bar and tries to fire you the next day. But you saw her smoking Justin under the bar and so the next day you are 20k richer. Thank goodness Justin got smoked under the bar.

Martini babies , how this exists ladies, babies, pappies, daddies…






You know that