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Crimson Waste

Crimson Waste

by joti heir

yes we should blush
it is darling is it not
in the face of your manliness

it is divine
for now you know
you turn a cheek crimson
and the crimson below is yours too

but how about
she is lovely
and turns crimson at the table

and later she turns over
and says
see you later

will you be happy
or agreeable
or angry

as your species do
if her crimson was wasted on another
and you became just a

From The Princess Will Kill You and Dance on Your Grave Poetry Collection (on Amazon)


Goodness save me

Stutter you

Sweet does

Kind heart

Unlike others

Now I should not bother

with people unlike you

world hatred thought I

sunshine kindness in you

forever I am obliged

to have neared with you

forever it is not

forever it is also

what we have got

is magic sphere

forever I am sure

in all glaxies and all spheres

I will encounter you

I hope the world works this way

Because your goodness

Has got to have a reason



Breaking is a real thing

He was my first everything

and then he turned into a monster

I have not been the same


Sweet soft whispers

Loving embrace face

Waist hold all days


And then he died

cause the drugs caught him inside

I tried


I can’t forgive myself

for letting a beautiful human

die in the embrace of a lady


REally I tried

I lost myself

to help him find him


and today he is happy with marriage and children


good news


I can’t love again