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the father figure – part 1

He jumped into the car, I could hear the ku-kha-ka of him loading guns into place. 

“Is it ok if grandma leaves with my sister,” I asked. He let it happen..

My mom shuffled from the driver’s seat over into the passenger’s and I grabbed her and pulled her out. He didn’t say anything.

My brother was back there with him, but he could handle it. It would be ok.

 I jumped into the driver’s seat and gunned the car backward and took off on the dirt road.

He was silent, my brother was silent, the police cars behind were loud. He stuck his body through the right backside window and started firing.

I knew of a small intersection that would take me into the forest dirt road and swerved into it  as the lights and sounds behind started to dissipate.

I drove further in and the dirt road ended.

“Keep driving,” he said.

So I drove into  the trees,  a few carved into the body of the car and then two of them were too close and I couldn’t get through.

He got out and shot the stumps off. 

That mother-fucker would not get us.