Mind matters

here is a cat in the garden. It is orange, grey and white, quite brilliant. Nearby a loud drilling machine is, well, it’s doing its thing, it’s drilling.

The cat is disturbed by the loud sound so early in the morning, I can tell from the way he jumps around and trumpets his tail. I too am disturbed.

He is cat, I am human, but we are thinking the same thing.

So do cats think like humans or do humans think like cats.

Perplexing thought this, but only for a second.

The drilling has stopped.

I am eating yogurt and he is drinking milk.

Clearly we are different.


is the end important

The control of the self

Is a mastery of science

To flay is normal

To sit straight requires strength

And in your presence I flay

The lure of your energy

Is too much to take

I say no in advance

But in the moment

I melt into your bliss

I love and hate it

What means life partner

Endless boredom


Endless bliss

I know you are not my everything

But you are a something

That smiles me happy

But future holds

A story of ending

You are not the one for all time

I know

But in the time you are the time

You are existence

We are existence

Tangled in this confused world

Of no end and no beginning

Life really doesn’t have an end or beginning

So why should we have

Your magical thing

What is blood really

But it sits inside our veins

It looks blue

Until we cut the vein

Then it is red

And then what

Well that is our life blood


Take one in

Push it out

We exist because there is life blood

And this life blood has 100 watt energy per hour


I speak to you alone

You sit there with 100 watts of energy spouting out of you

What do you do?

With your magical thing?


When I kiss your lips

My force can suck them dry

But they don’t dry

Because you are giving you

Without a shame

I am too

So I know we are playing the same game

You are not mine

I am not yours

But we are each other’s

This each other

Could make another

But no


Lets stop, slow down this thing

Let’s not make another

If you don’t love me

I don’t love you too

Go back to your dry

I will not think again about you


You look directly into my eyes And stay there.

Who are you to do such a do

The trespass is disconcerting

But stop it not

Soon we will drop

Reign say I

The palpitations of a crazy heart

I promise timeless

This thing

This thing

This thing

It will never stop


Truth be told

I only use you

Because you are good for my art








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