Creative Writing

Short Story Sample

The Inherent Jimbo Truth

In the upside down world of Gantsbury the jiggerness flowed on Fridays.

Don’t mistake jiggerness for common human things.

Jiggerness rights up, upside down things.

In the Gantsbury world lived a jimbo named Queen. She was a beautiful little matter.

Queen loved Fridays because it was the only day she could be right-side up. And she liked being right-side up because then she could see the sky and the tops of the trees more clearly. And those to her were the most beautiful things to turn up and see.

It was a Friday on a blissful August night, the jiggerness was flowing and all Gantsbury was jovial, dancing upright the jig of uprightedness. Queen was a little late to the jigger for she had some weeding to do in her garden, which was best done upside down. She took her sip of jiggerness, turned right side-up, but her lips turned upside down. There were no tree tops. The trees were gone.

She ran to a jimbo called Noops, he was a wise jimbo.

“Noops, what do we do, Noops where are the trees, who killed the tree Noops, it must have been an awful thing, yet I heard no wailing?”

“They are just trees Queen, it’s not important, they cut down the trees to build wonderful new Banter Boxes, we need Banter Boxes more than we need trees,” said Noops.

“But what do we need Banter Boxes for?”

“So we can have a place to sit and talk,” said Noops.

“But we can sit and talk anywhere,” said Queen.

Noops laughed.

“Have you forgotten dear Queen that we live in an upside down world, the only time we sit is when we jigger on Fridays, but the Banter Boxes will let us sit upright during the week. A special force made up of science things will be inserted into the trees and the scienced trees will then be used to build Banter Boxes, the energy from the trees and the Banter Boxes will create a force field that will pull us upright so we can sit down,” explained Noops.

Now the jimbo named Queen was oh so very confused. She loved being upright, but she loved trees too. What should she do?

“Will they kill more Noops, will they kill more trees or is it done this killing breeze?”

“I guess we’ll see how popular Banter Boxes are, if lots of people use them, then they will have to kill more trees.”

Queen didn’t like the sound of that at all.

She ran over to a living tree the killers had missed and jumped up on a branch.

“Dear jimbos, listen to me please, please here do listen to me you. We can sit and banter on Fridays, we don’t need Banter Boxes, we need our friends the trees, they give us their love and energy, we must not hurt them,” she cried.

There was silence as the jimbos thought.

“Why don’t we try out a Banter Box and then decide after,” said a jimbo named Jon Fresh.

Everyone agreed that they would like to try out a Banter Box before making a decision.

There was nothing Queen could do but climb down off the tree branch and continue to jigger.

The first Banter Box arrived on a sunny Tuesday in November. A long line of upside down jimbos waited outside of the Banter Box. The first jimbo to enter the Banter Box was Pengui, the second was Noops. As soon as they stepped through the doors of the Banter Box, they turned right-side up and sat down on the wooden chairs that came with the Banter Box. They spoke for five minutes and then ran out of things to say because they weren’t used to bantering while sitting right-side up except on Fridays. 

So they sat in silence for another 25 minutes, waiting for their banter time to be up.

The rest of the jimbos had much the same experience, all entering the box excited and leaving rather forlorn. Queen was the last one to go in, she went in with her sister, Joop. They entered, turned right-side up and spoke for a few minutes and then sat in silence until their time was up.

The jimbos discovered that Friday evening jiggers was all the side up sitting and banter they needed. The Banter Box producers tried to give the jimbos ideas of things to talk about. And although the jimbos tried, they just couldn’t banter upside right while sitting. They discovered they much rather liked to banter while being employed in some kind of upside down work.

And so the Banter Box was a failure and the trees were saved and Queen was happy. And the jimbos continued to jigger and sit upside right on Fridays, while working hard happily the rest of the week.

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