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it is not enough

It is lovely when someone tells you it is enough.

They probably don’t know what enough is.

Enough means you wake up in the morning with a purpose.

This purpose should change the world.

It seems too much, but if it seems too much you are wrong for the job.

To change the world there is much to do.

eat sleep, regular things, change world is a different thing

Wake – you are the important people –




Nothing Matters or Everything Matters INSTALLATION

fOne day you will cease to exist

So everything matters

Or nothing matters at all

Or maybe they are the same thing

Like heaven and hell


i post random things on instagram – not all poetry, just stuff – @thehumanofnature … in case you haven’t had your fill of random meaningless things as we march toward the end of it all …

and that is my arm .. and I wondered how much of that toxic ink was seeping into my system … and then my mind travelled elsewhere … like far far away so these toxins seeping into my skin didn’t matter at all …

But like I”m back

So I washed them off.

But message still stands

Cause if you really think about it

Nothing matters


Everything matters


And it is the same thing


message me if you think I lie, but I do not.

The soul market


On the still days of clarity

The unimportance of the trivial reveal

We sell soul for 40 hours

Hello to the end of it all


Be me say you to you

Your insides say I am a muse

Your outside says I am society rules

And then comes the end of it all


Alone you will go you must know

So here and now you must blow forth

Create magnificent things

Die not full at the end of it all


Blister, palp, shudder you

harness the udder

Grab hold and control


Before the end of it all


A tired man welcomes the end

A happy one hopes there is no end

The one who gives all

Knows there is no end to this all