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It is strange to be a creature

aware of it’s own demise ….


Do you ever think about the fact that one day you will not be?

The very thought can suck the air and induce crazy thoughts

That is likely why most choose to be bossed

A fake security to make meaning of being lost

In the meaningless matter

Without ever trying to make anything better

It is not all lost you see

The messages we receive are just drugs and seeds

The real sits inside you and me

There are no rulers and givers of good

Just one who exists and one can make things be


















Are you even alive?

I wonder

If you do not exist in my life

Do you even exist?

Perhaps what is alive in my life is what I created

So perhaps we all live solitary lives of our own creation

Nothing exists beyond our mind

If I create you in my mind

You exist

If  I have not created you

You do not exist

You are just a thought

Swirling in the hopes of existence

Until you are captured

By a brain that makes you real

And then you enter the world

That made you real

Maybe nothing is real

But your thought

Which makes things real