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The Thought of Woke One


The ways of the world makes no sense

Sometimes I want to escape myself

Hover high above

And wait for something else


Sometimes … well a lot of the time, our world just seems lie a meaningless bump on a log. Actually a bump on a log might have more purpose.

You wake up – get out there. And then wonder what it’s all really even about.

I don’t know.

Let’s just create art, perhaps it will bring beauty to the nonsensical.

The ways of the world make no sense. Joti Heir

Goodness save me

Stutter you

Sweet does

Kind heart

Unlike others

Now I should not bother

with people unlike you

world hatred thought I

sunshine kindness in you

forever I am obliged

to have neared with you

forever it is not

forever it is also

what we have got

is magic sphere

forever I am sure

in all glaxies and all spheres

I will encounter you

I hope the world works this way

Because your goodness

Has got to have a reason



The Meaningless of Weekend

Should the weekend be different than the weekdays?


There are seven days of the week and on each of those days we do something, some of those things make us happy, some of them don’t.

Who programmed us to believe that Saturday and Sunday were our days off?

Why does ‘days off’ mean for most that we should do nothing?

If you give your brain to someone for five days a week – why do you want to turn it off on the weekend – when that is the only time you can work on yourself?

There are no weekdays and weekends really – it is continuous – the continuity moves with how much of that time you give to other and how much you give to yourself to better yourself.

If you do something you don’t like to earn money – you will degenerate – but weekends do give you the opportunity to regenerate. You can grow you. We all have gifts we ignore, the weekends can help you find them.

If you work to find and grow your gifts on the weekends, you can change your weekdays. And if you can change what you do on your weekdays you can recreate your life.

Your childhood you wants that. And you must make your childhood you live again. If we all do this, the world will be a wonderful place.

of magic

of exploration

of new

Who Am I?

Sometimes I wonder why I am the way I am

But I suppose water doesn’t wonder why it is the way it is

I suppose air doesn’t wonder why it is the way it is

They are the most beautiful versions of themselves and with that help billions.

And so I suppose it is time to stop wondering why and become the most beautiful version of our ourselves.

As it was written.

Joti Heir



Are you even alive?

I wonder

If you do not exist in my life

Do you even exist?

Perhaps what is alive in my life is what I created

So perhaps we all live solitary lives of our own creation

Nothing exists beyond our mind

If I create you in my mind

You exist

If  I have not created you

You do not exist

You are just a thought

Swirling in the hopes of existence

Until you are captured

By a brain that makes you real

And then you enter the world

That made you real

Maybe nothing is real

But your thought

Which makes things real




Existential and then some

So it has been a crazy little while and so I have not posted.

Do you know what it feels like when you are walking sleep-wake?

Like I am totally awake and alert, but not amongst. It is a strange sensation. It is obsevng but not being within the picture. Not a bad thing, but defintely a different thing. For those that know, further explanation is not neccessary.

Has anyone else felt this?