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Do not trust a mousy person

At some point a pathetic mouse will come to your door

You don’t like mice so much but the pathetic you abhor more

So you feed the mouse until it becomes strong

The mouse smiles and winks at you and knows his battle has been won

Somewhere along the way the mouse becomes a lion in his own mind

Moves far away to search for his own kind

Wish him good luck

And when he returns wish him good luck

But close that door

The floor is clean now

You don’t need dirty paw prints on your floor

Breaking is a real thing

He was my first everything

and then he turned into a monster

I have not been the same


Sweet soft whispers

Loving embrace face

Waist hold all days


And then he died

cause the drugs caught him inside

I tried


I can’t forgive myself

for letting a beautiful human

die in the embrace of a lady


REally I tried

I lost myself

to help him find him


and today he is happy with marriage and children


good news


I can’t love again


We see all

An anger surges through me

But it should not be so

The dull evilness of horrid people

Should not make ıt so

I want to believe people are all lovely

They are not

They throw stones for not a reason

Beyond their dirty soul

How to pass thıs I wonder

We are all chıldren of God

Then I realıze some have move beyond

They are just the shards of magic by Lord

Let their ugly not win

Let their pity not shine

Smile in their face of the power of divine

We must not dishearten

Beauty, love, kindness shall prevail

As we shroud these dark bodies in a veil

So they have no sun

And the die a delightful bite

While we thank the grateful rise of glorious sun and soft joy of moon rising

Love and beauty and kindness shall prevail

We can, we must, we delete

In magic and supremeness to the wonderment we must hail…


real things


She threw herself upon his lap

In the middle of a café

And wailed


This diatribe lasted  half hour

In which her friends surrounded her

And the lap man petted her head and tail


It was a silly thing

For people with real pain

Don’t pain public sing


I walked past scenario

Her people stood circle

They felt special, she tried harder


Much whimpers and oh mys

They carressed and cajoled

One grabbed napkins to dab eyes


But there were no tears



They all left

She whimpered still

Her lap scrolled phone


We all know

Real pain

Is alone