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Think thought think

It is easy to assume that food is accessible to everyone when our table is hefty and our life beautiful. But we never know the real life of anyone and their struggles – whether it is our neighbor, friend or someone on the other side of the world.

The person right next to you could be hungry and will not say a thing. Struggles go right down to hunger. If a person isn’t hungry they can think about other things, but when they can’t find food to think, they cannot think upon another.

A child in Mozambique cannot invent what he has the capability of inventing because he has no food. A child in Forthworth, Texas cannot invent the cure that he could invent because he does not have enough food.

Hunger exists among us.

Let us end hunger in our generation, we must and we can.




Human Hungry

if you tell me you are famished

I shall promptly gouge your eyes out

with a fork

you do not know what famished means


So you write stuff and some people see it
So you did some stuff and some people liked it
So you woke up and blinked and someone adored it

Is that enough to say that you tried?
To be the living legend of all times



That is lazy

Hoping and wishing and trying is nothing

Feeling embarrassed to push yours is worse


If you have something that is disruptive

you have a duty

to get it out everywhere, shameless, wakeless,


Doesn’t matter where you came from

If you have something disruptive

Something that will change the world for the better

Forget those that won’t understand


Forget those that shame your pains


Be living legend


Change the world



Human Hungry Poem Come to Life

If you tell me you are famished

I shall promptly gouge your eyes out

with a fork

you do not know what famished means

famished is not minutes, hours or a day

it is the days after

the pangs become soft

you try not to think about it

remove food from brain

to find place for thought

to think thought

to find food

therefore you

sit and think

driven to craziness

you know of its taste

it is everywhere

but not for you

the moments between




those moments

think thought think

so you just think

than you think

you can do anything for this food

to assuage your hunger

than you realize

you will do






make the

pain of longing

for food


as you walk

past plates full

of food

that people

in blissful existence

have thrown away

they are full

too fat

too shy

don’t care about food

they have other things

to think of

food is a passing


my thought

my though

my thought

as you watch


a bite

balanced delicately

on the tongue

it dances

oh it dances

of cabaret proportions

to the throat


to waiting


you are

more hungry

think thought think

you can do


for it



you watch

her push it away

it is being sent

to the dump

it is then

you realize

you cannot

you won’t

grab that


off that plate

as they

look at you

with pity

at your pathetic self

shall you

climb into the dump

and pick the

food out


with the


you realize

you cannot


the starvation


Love you stranger

What’s that thing

You called me

A dirty what

Love you stranger


Oh racist hurt

Heaved under my skirt

Sorry for you

Love you stranger


It’s ok, it’s not your fault

Group think has unbridled your art

Let me help your parts

Love you stranger


First I must slap you

To wake you

Then smile at your stupidity

Love you stranger


Eyes flitter

Wake darling

I’m here to rescue your uppity

Love you stranger


Look at me

I have two eyes a nose a mouth

So do you, we aren’t so different after all

Love you stranger


Yes my color

A pigment darling

Mean not of soul or human

Love you stranger


Come to my home for dinner

Sit with me and my colors

You shall forget your hate

Love you stranger


In this floating planet

Let us love one another

We only have each other

Color notice is just pain

Created by benefitting others

So we can’t love each other

And only evil will gain

Love you stranger

The soul market


On the still days of clarity

The unimportance of the trivial reveal

We sell soul for 40 hours

Hello to the end of it all


Be me say you to you

Your insides say I am a muse

Your outside says I am society rules

And then comes the end of it all


Alone you will go you must know

So here and now you must blow forth

Create magnificent things

Die not full at the end of it all


Blister, palp, shudder you

harness the udder

Grab hold and control


Before the end of it all


A tired man welcomes the end

A happy one hopes there is no end

The one who gives all

Knows there is no end to this all