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The Meaningless of Weekend

Should the weekend be different than the weekdays?


There are seven days of the week and on each of those days we do something, some of those things make us happy, some of them don’t.

Who programmed us to believe that Saturday and Sunday were our days off?

Why does ‘days off’ mean for most that we should do nothing?

If you give your brain to someone for five days a week – why do you want to turn it off on the weekend – when that is the only time you can work on yourself?

There are no weekdays and weekends really – it is continuous – the continuity moves with how much of that time you give to other and how much you give to yourself to better yourself.

If you do something you don’t like to earn money – you will degenerate – but weekends do give you the opportunity to regenerate. You can grow you. We all have gifts we ignore, the weekends can help you find them.

If you work to find and grow your gifts on the weekends, you can change your weekdays. And if you can change what you do on your weekdays you can recreate your life.

Your childhood you wants that. And you must make your childhood you live again. If we all do this, the world will be a wonderful place.

of magic

of exploration

of new

Who Am I?

Sometimes I wonder why I am the way I am

But I suppose water doesn’t wonder why it is the way it is

I suppose air doesn’t wonder why it is the way it is

They are the most beautiful versions of themselves and with that help billions.

And so I suppose it is time to stop wondering why and become the most beautiful version of our ourselves.

As it was written.

Joti Heir



Great Way to Get Into Meditation

Hey all,


So meditation isn’t some weird hippie-science, it is totally applicable to our everyday lives.

Basically, meditation helps you give your brain a rest and it absolutely deserves it. And this meditative time can help you relax and create.

So, to be honest, the first time I tried it, I couldn’t focus for more than 5 seconds, but after I was able to focus for 5 minutes, I felt the greatest release. I felt relaxed and my brain seemed to be on board with my thoughts and planned actions.

So this is what I did to get there:

Hot shower

I breathed in and out and focused on the breathing, nothing else. When my thoughts wanted to traverse elsewhere I  brought them back. I breathed in and out and focused only on that action. The water hit my back, the water was steamy – all of that was great – but the important thing was to focus on breathing and clearing the mind.

Try it.

You will feel rejuvenated.

The Moon Moons

So I was thinking …

The moon delivers his job day in and day out.

The moom moons.

So we as individuals we must do what we are designed to do.

For example … my name is Joti, and I should Joti to my utmost abilities.

Like a moon moons

A joti should joti – verb

Like a Sarah should Sarah

And a Daniel should Daniel

We must do all that we have within us to do

A moom doesn’t try to sun

And a Daniel shouldn’t try to Fred

We’ve got to figure out our thing

And be the biggest best thing of ourselves …

Like a lemon

Squeeze it all out

Don’t let a drop go wasted

Be the you …

Like the moon moons