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Breaking is a real thing

He was my first everything

and then he turned into a monster

I have not been the same


Sweet soft whispers

Loving embrace face

Waist hold all days


And then he died

cause the drugs caught him inside

I tried


I can’t forgive myself

for letting a beautiful human

die in the embrace of a lady


REally I tried

I lost myself

to help him find him


and today he is happy with marriage and children


good news


I can’t love again


My Shy Romeo

How can I ever thank you

For that nervous smile

The one that tells me

You Thank God

You could see after this long while


How can I ever thank God

Fo the way your shoulders shake

When you want to express yourself

But your nerves awake

And the gold specks in your eyes whirl and shake


How can I thank you

For helping me to see

To see how it is supposed to be

How a man loves and  respects

How he delves into my  humanity


That sheepish smile, oh that sheepish smile

I imagine dancing with you

to your silly sheepish smile

and you think you don’t know anything

and that makes you lovely all the more while


Your unawareness of your beauty and existence

makes me want to love you more

a simple lip tremble from me

causes mountain trebles in you

Oh God blessed me for your trebles oh


The way I make fun of you

The way you fake anger stake

Not wanting it any other way

The way you stare at my face

Like bliss could be not be another place


I couldn’t have it any other way

Oh please could it always be that way

I will lift all you pains away

Could you always be shy and shake

If so I will lift you to a thousand awakes


I know you want to say a whole lot

It’s ok, your wayings say more than you can

The way you guide me across the street

A protective hand hovering behind my back

Saying she is with me with me, stay back

My Romeo
love, what is it ….

How can I thank you for teaching me

What a man is supposed to be

You don’t know

And you’ll never know

In a short time, you’ve changed my world


I see God blessed me

to have a you







We see all

An anger surges through me

But it should not be so

The dull evilness of horrid people

Should not make ıt so

I want to believe people are all lovely

They are not

They throw stones for not a reason

Beyond their dirty soul

How to pass thıs I wonder

We are all chıldren of God

Then I realıze some have move beyond

They are just the shards of magic by Lord

Let their ugly not win

Let their pity not shine

Smile in their face of the power of divine

We must not dishearten

Beauty, love, kindness shall prevail

As we shroud these dark bodies in a veil

So they have no sun

And the die a delightful bite

While we thank the grateful rise of glorious sun and soft joy of moon rising

Love and beauty and kindness shall prevail

We can, we must, we delete

In magic and supremeness to the wonderment we must hail…



Hello readers and writers and poets and magicians.

This is a poem found in my collection of poetry entitled The Human Condition – available free for download this weekend …. nothing like fall weather and a hot beverage and some poetry and some rain and a blanket and a fire ….



by Joti Heir

How about this

You crazy beautiful bastard

You are sublime

I love you all kinds

I kiss your lips

Your soul

Your love

Your bliss

Love you all kinds

Even though you do not exist


You can click here for the link to the book’s Amazon page where you can load for free …if you would like.