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When I kiss your lips

My force can suck them dry

But they don’t dry

Because you are giving you

Without a shame

I am too

So I know we are playing the same game

You are not mine

I am not yours

But we are each other’s

This each other

Could make another

But no


Lets stop, slow down this thing

Let’s not make another

If you don’t love me

I don’t love you too

Go back to your dry

I will not think again about you


You look directly into my eyes And stay there.

Who are you to do such a do

The trespass is disconcerting

But stop it not

Soon we will drop

Reign say I

The palpitations of a crazy heart

I promise timeless

This thing

This thing

This thing

It will never stop


Truth be told

I only use you

Because you are good for my art