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Do not trust a mousy person

At some point a pathetic mouse will come to your door

You don’t like mice so much but the pathetic you abhor more

So you feed the mouse until it becomes strong

The mouse smiles and winks at you and knows his battle has been won

Somewhere along the way the mouse becomes a lion in his own mind

Moves far away to search for his own kind

Wish him good luck

And when he returns wish him good luck

But close that door

The floor is clean now

You don’t need dirty paw prints on your floor

Loyalty does not exist

It is interesting how quickly the Kate Spade brand managers tried to separate themselves from their namesake Kate Spade after her death.

The brand issued a statement giving their condolences – but pointed out that that the creator had not been a part of the company for many years.

They were worried about the effect of the death on their sales of course. Isn’t it interesting how quickly you can become insignificant when you affect someone’s bottom line.