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The Man In The Cardboard Box

Poetry allows you to interpret the words of joti heir through the eyeglass of your own world.

The Man in the Cardboard Box


You think I am embarrassed

I see it in your stares

I am not

There is freedom

In in living without care

Yes my clothes could use a sew

But a covering is not worth

Hours of slave dough

I was like you too

A long time ago

I tried with all my might

To give it a go

It all stopped making sense

A few years ago

And then it made sense

Life became mine

I feel no defeat

Yes I sleep in a box

In a public square

But the stares don’t bother me

Nor do the glares

After you are done with that meal

I’ll enjoy the rest of it

They give me the same power

They gave you

I’ll squeeze some lemon on it

So I don’t get your slave flu

You can save me if you want

Maybe I’m doing it all wrong

But I don’t see the difference

Between a bed under the sky

Or one cemented up high

Here the birds see me

They don’t glare or stare

They just sing along with me

Now please don’t feel sorry

You can also come for a bit

We’ll have jolly times

Until your human owners call

So you can make money

For that food that I enjoy after you all

Don’t worry you see

I am not crazy

I just discovered this world is not for me

And I don’t see an exit

So I will calmly wait out the storm

So I can get back to where I came from

News and Jerry Springer had a baby

So Huffpost news today included the fact that Khloe Kardashian’s boyfriend most likely cheated on her.

What is news?

At one time, I thought news was an organism designed to inform people about important things happening in the world that affect the people. This organism informed, neuron-multiplied, brained-up the good people with valuable information to make valuable decisions about their world. I was such a silly goat.

I suppose a hundred years ago, news actually had to be about important things as it was expenive to produce and expensive for people to buy. And then it become less expensive to produce and buy, but newsers informed people with information people needed.

And there was no snobbery, those that wanted brain smut, it was available in tabloids while you waited in the grocery store checkout line. You could real all about which celebrity got a nose job and how the aliens were enjoying life in Pennsylvania.

And then …

Everything got too easy, there was so much information, and all of it so easy to find and disseminate on the interet. Noone had to care about paying for airtime or paper or ink or distibution costs. Nope, all that was required was to fill up those intenet pages so eyeballs would join.

It was not important what sites put out as long as they put out. And then news realized brain smut was way more dollarsy – and that real news research cost too much money. And then Harry met Sally.

And so like, can someone please news us on when Alvin the chipmunk will ever find love – I mean I worry about him.