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Goodness save me

Stutter you

Sweet does

Kind heart

Unlike others

Now I should not bother

with people unlike you

world hatred thought I

sunshine kindness in you

forever I am obliged

to have neared with you

forever it is not

forever it is also

what we have got

is magic sphere

forever I am sure

in all glaxies and all spheres

I will encounter you

I hope the world works this way

Because your goodness

Has got to have a reason




My dulcet September

How I longed for thee

The nights cool

I am with you

Cheek kiss the cool air does is

Kiss September like hunger bliss

Dancing with trees

I say I say I say

Not normal you say

Who cares

Not normal is what

J am

And want I want to say

Dancing with trees

Talk to them

Laughing with leafs

Talk to them

Twirling on branches

Talk to them

Laying in grass

Talk to it

Smelling earth

Talk to her

Watching moon

Talk to him

Breathing breeze

Talking to her

Feeling at ease

Feeling everything is possible

This is what is supposed to be

Not normal

Sweet September