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Human Hungry

Human Hungry

if you tell me you are famished
I shall promptly gouge your eyes out
with a fork
you do not know what famished means
famished is not minutes, hours or a day
it is the days after
the pangs become soft
you try not to think about it
remove food from brain
to find place for thought
to think thought
to find food
therefore you
sit and think
driven to craziness
you know of its taste
it is everywhere
but not for you
the moments between
those moments
think thought think
so you just think
than you think
you can do anything for this food
to assuage your hunger
than you realize
you will do
make the
pain of longing
for food
as you walk
past plates full
of food
that people
in blissful existence
have thrown away
they are full
too fat
too shy
don’t care about food
they have other things
to think of
food is a passing
my thought
my though
my thought
as you watch
a bite
balanced delicately
on the tongue
it dances
oh it dances
of cabaret proportions
to the throat
to waiting
you are
more hungry
think thought think
you can do
for it
you watch
her push it away
it is being sent
to the dump
it is then
you realize
you cannot
you won’t
grab that
off that plate
as they
look at you
with pity
at your pathetic self
shall you
climb into the dump
and pick the
food out
with the
you realize
you cannot
the starvation

Think thought think

It is easy to assume that food is accessible to everyone when our table is hefty and our life beautiful. But we never know the real life of anyone and their struggles – whether it is our neighbor, friend or someone on the other side of the world.

The person right next to you could be hungry and will not say a thing. Struggles go right down to hunger. If a person isn’t hungry they can think about other things, but when they can’t find food to think, they cannot think upon another.

A child in Mozambique cannot invent what he has the capability of inventing because he has no food. A child in Forthworth, Texas cannot invent the cure that he could invent because he does not have enough food.

Hunger exists among us.

Let us end hunger in our generation, we must and we can.




Human Hungry

if you tell me you are famished

I shall promptly gouge your eyes out

with a fork

you do not know what famished means

Visual literature heyyy

Hey guys,

So I have been working on a project called visual literature. You lits know that poetry isn’t really popular, very few people will care about your craft. And so I thought we need to make our craft more accessible.

Visual literature.

And so that’s what we’re going to do. Let’s do it.

I am creating a channel for visual lit. I will publish my vis lit for Human Hungry this weekend. You writers, poets, send me your stuff and we will publish yours.

Visual literature is the next thing