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Become a verb

If I could be me

As much as a tree trees

How wonderful life could be


Nature exists in perfection. It becomes the verb of itself. A tree trees, air airs, earth earths, fire fires. They perfect what they are supposed to be. If we as individuals take ourselves as a verb and perfect the being that we are, then great heights we can reach and wonder of all ages we can see. If only we can commit to be the verb of our being.

Normal Does Not Exist

There is no such thing as normal

Just acceptable and unacceptable levels of insanity

Who determines that is a mystery

We don’t know where we came from or where we are going. So could there actually be a thing called normal? Is the person who douses themself in drugs and alcohol normal because they can’t stand the insanity?

Or is the person who walks on and  ignores the insanity in a sober state normal? There is no such thing as normal and supposed to be … don’t you believe?  So if there is no normal, it means you must must be exactly who you are.

That is the only thing the universe expects you to be. A 100 percent expression of you.

The Thought of Woke One


The ways of the world makes no sense

Sometimes I want to escape myself

Hover high above

And wait for something else


Sometimes … well a lot of the time, our world just seems lie a meaningless bump on a log. Actually a bump on a log might have more purpose.

You wake up – get out there. And then wonder what it’s all really even about.

I don’t know.

Let’s just create art, perhaps it will bring beauty to the nonsensical.

The ways of the world make no sense. Joti Heir

We see all

An anger surges through me

But it should not be so

The dull evilness of horrid people

Should not make ıt so

I want to believe people are all lovely

They are not

They throw stones for not a reason

Beyond their dirty soul

How to pass thıs I wonder

We are all chıldren of God

Then I realıze some have move beyond

They are just the shards of magic by Lord

Let their ugly not win

Let their pity not shine

Smile in their face of the power of divine

We must not dishearten

Beauty, love, kindness shall prevail

As we shroud these dark bodies in a veil

So they have no sun

And the die a delightful bite

While we thank the grateful rise of glorious sun and soft joy of moon rising

Love and beauty and kindness shall prevail

We can, we must, we delete

In magic and supremeness to the wonderment we must hail…



Hello readers and writers and poets and magicians.

This is a poem found in my collection of poetry entitled The Human Condition – available free for download this weekend …. nothing like fall weather and a hot beverage and some poetry and some rain and a blanket and a fire ….



by Joti Heir

How about this

You crazy beautiful bastard

You are sublime

I love you all kinds

I kiss your lips

Your soul

Your love

Your bliss

Love you all kinds

Even though you do not exist


You can click here for the link to the book’s Amazon page where you can load for free …if you would like. 

Do better than that Beyonce video

Beyonce’s apeshit video is lovely in unto itself.

But basically.

We see her creating a comparative to existing great works of the caucasian kind.

In the big picture, these types of videos just create a baseline of  what is great. And with her video she has indicated what is great and what you must live up to.  And apparently greatness amounts to paintings created by Western painters. And so a measure of greatness is if you can dance in front of/vies/chide paintings created by Western creators.

Ir is sad – that this is our measure of greatness.

This does not help to expose all of the amazing artists in the non-wetern realm  – or even make people aware aware that they exist.

This kind of prose just leads people to fight against one another. A better way is to expose arts from different cultures and let us inspire. We are not in a campetition, there is more than enough for all of us.

We can all create and do beautiful thingns for the world – we don’t need to stand near a picture of someone who created something great. We can create something great ourselves and share it.

Creating something is like having the magic of life in your own hands.

Forget these people that lead us astray … let’s create beautiful things …

You can make something amazing from your own mind – share it.

Let us all be creators, not consumers of other people’s ideas.


Image courtesy of Robert Baker who you can find on Unsplash.

To Souls That Are Lost

I can tell you I have woken up many a day

And questioned the point

the point of it all


Freedom sought I

Found it in a way I sought not

And now I wait for the end of it all


It is raining outside

It feels so good

Can I find a feeling better than this say my I


Words are commentary

A real one flight catch where I

If us lost ones could only find each other


But wait

Before you do something crazy

And think point not


I tell you point there is

Fist-knuckle the pain

There are things to be made


You see the sordid I see

It sneems a pittance you could be in

this brash world of nothing propriety


But please listen

Let us walk

There is a hocus-pocus to this world


Don’t let trite words

Eliminate the power of  a trillion neurons bouncing in your brain

waiting to see what they came to be


Let us see what we can create

Forget what you see through your eyes

The true world is a love of the neverending kind


A passion that transverses galaxies






don’t take thos words as arbitrary

it is how our heartbeats

Childish desire it


We desire child too

And kill with ordinary

Read understand we on neuron plain


As children we did the same

Please wait a minute

There is something for you to create


That is why you hate it all

Because you know you must change it all

And the strength seems to take your all


The world is wrong

That’s what makes you feel wrong

Your feeling is right


You are the master of what you are to do


So there is never an end of it all


Only a path to the galaxies

Of wonders that shall never cease

Life is on Earth a beginning


Joti Heir